Casper area wildlife management specialists say they heard loud and clear from Casper Mountain and area residents not to open hunting to mule deer in Hunt Area 67.

Justin Binfet, is a wildlife biologist for the regional Game and Fish offices.

"The public opposition was overwhelming and the decision to abandon the proposal was entirely made on the public input that we received."

Area 67 stretches from the southern edge of Casper up the mountain and across most of the top. The proposal would have allowed a hunt  from approximately Hogadon road and Casper Mountain road to the south.

Binfet says he doesn't think the idea will come up again, "If  it ever is going to be revisited it wouldn't be until we had a lot more support for opening the area, but I really don't envision the department revisiting this anytime in the near future."

Hunt area 67 is the only remaining mule deer refuge in the state