New thermal activity has been discovered near a popular attraction at Yellowstone National Park.

YNP officials say over the last several days there has been new thermal activity in the Geyser Hill area (behind Old Faithful, across the Firehole River) of the Upper Geyser Basin.

Ear Spring Photo Courtesy: Kevin Koile - TownSquareMeda
Ear Spring Photo Courtesy: Kevin Koile - TownSquareMedia

This includes new erupting vents splashing water on the boardwalks, surface fractures, and a rare eruption of Ear Spring on Saturday, September 15th.

Video of Ear Spring Eruption (about 30 seconds into video). Video courtesy: Geyser Observation and Study Association

Kevin Koile - TownSquare Media
Kevin Koile - TownSquare Media

For the public’s safety some boardwalks and trails in the Geyser Hill area have been temporarily closed and closure signs are posted.

There are no signs of impending volcanic activity in the park.

Exclusive: K2 Radio's Kevin Koile happened to be in the area a few days after the Ear Spring eruption.

A Park Ranger says some debris from within the Spring was blown out of the spring at the time of the eruption.

Items included part of a cement block, coins, plastic eating utensils, aluminum cans, and a pacifier, that ended up in the spring either accidentally, carelessly or intentionally.

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