Natural gas vehicles were on display in Riverton Tuesday.

It happened at Encana's Pit Stop Travel Center, one of four such compressed natural gas stations in Wyoming.

Matt Most, Encana spokesman says the open house was part of an ongoing promotion of natural gas as a viable alternative fuel. He says while there's been lots of interest in public sector fleets, there are also options for private use.

"We have individuals show up at our station openings all the time that have for example Honda Civics that have been available in a natural gas version for over eight years."

Most says the majority of vehicles come fitted with a duel fuel option that switches automatically between traditional gas and CNG.

He says fueling station availability is growing fed by the current low pump price of $1.96 for a gallon equivalent. Stations are located in Riverton, Cheyenne, Rock Springs and Evanston.

Most says, drivers report a seamless switch over, but fuel economy is slightly less for natural gas than traditional fuel.