United Blood Services needs blood, especially blood type O-negative. Regional Donor Recruitment Director Lesli Asay (lesslee ae'see) said that the need is outpacing their blood supply. Why do they need O-negative blood?

Especially heroic blood:

"O-negative is the universal blood donor, so if you have an emergency situation or a trauma where they don't have time to cross and type a recipient, O-negative blood can go to anybody."

Ms. Asay said that the blood donated to United Blood services goes to 47 hospitals in the region, which covers all of Wyoming and some of Nebraska and Montana, so there's a chance that blood could help someone you know.

Regional recipients:

"You never know if you're going to be on the receiving end or know someone who's on the receiving end, and the example I always give is we have an employee here in December who fell and broke three ribs and had to have four units of red cells and four units of plasma."

If you don't know your blood type, you could donate and find out. If you are O-negative, the need is critical.

1416 East A Street:

"We have a one-eight-hundred number where we can do the appointments and that's 1-800-365-4450. If they want to contact the center, they can, it's just that they might be a little busy, but the local number for the Casper fixed site is 237-2328, or, they can log onto bloodhero.com and make an appointment."