The movie-streaming Netflix has signed a deal to air 10 episodes of a fourth season of the television show "Longmire” about the sheriff of a fictional Wyoming county, a Hollywood news website reported this afternoon.

Deadline Hollywood” reported the massive web-driven campaign to bring back the show succeeded after the A&E Network abruptly cancelled it in August after its third season, even though it was the network’s most-watched scripted show.

"Following several weeks of negotiations, I've learned that Netflix has closed a deal for a 10-episode fourth season of the drama series to premiere in 2015 on Netflix's platforms in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand," reporter Nellie Andreeva wrote.

"The cast of the show, led by Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff, is under deals for Season 4. That doesn't necessarily mean that absolutely everyone will return -- Season 3 ended in a cliffhanger, with characters' lives in the balance," Andreeva wrote.

The show is based on the modern Western book series by Craig Johnson, who lives outside Buffalo.

In his books and on the show, Sheriff Walt Longmire tries to keep law and order in the fictional Absaroka County — loosely modeled on Johnson County — from the fictional county seat of Durant, loosely modeled on Buffalo. The town has hosted Longmire Days for the past three summers, attracting upwards of 8,000 visitors to party and meet Johnson and the show’s actors.

Andreeva wrote the fourth season will begin moments after the third season's finale. Longmire finds out who was behind his wife's murder and vows vengeance.

Cindy Holland, vice president of original content at Netflix told Andreeva, "'We are thrilled to help continue Walt Longmire's story for his large and passionate following.'"

The Shephard/Robin Co. and Warner Horizon probably will start production in March, she wrote. The series has been filmed in New Mexico.