The house revenue committee voted 7-2 to recommend approval of a bill to hike fuel taxes by a dime. The tax would increase from 14 cents to 24 cents a gallon on gasoline.

Committee member Laramie County Representative John Eklund (HD-10), tried to amend the bill to add a sunset date for the tax. Eklund says a sunset date would give the house more oversight on how the money is being spent.

agencies and departments that are dependent upon review are always more accountable....

The amendment failed, but Eklund, who voted for the bill, says he will bring back a similar amendment when the bill hits the house floor.

Committee member Representative Mark Semlek (HD-1) voted against the bill. Semlek says he's not ready to support the fuel tax hike at this time.

I am waiting on some work that is being done in the session this year that would provide a mechanism that would have the Dept of Transportation go through the JAC....

House Minority Floor Leader, Cheyenne Representative Mary Throne (HD-11), says while she supports the gas tax bill, she also supports a bill in the senate which would divert some of the state's severance tax money to roads.

realistically we need more than just the fuel tax. the fuel tax gets us just 70 million a year....

A bill that is proposing some changes to Wyoming's tipping laws passed committee of the whole in the house. The bill introduced by Teton County Representative Ruth Ann Petroff (HD-16), would make all tips exempt from sales tax.

so this would be for those things at the bottom of the menu that say for parties of 8 or more gratuity will be added...

Another bill would allow restaurants to pool tips from everyone waiting on tables and then split the money among its employees.

In the Senate, a bill that would amend the requirements for who can be considered for the position of Supervisor of the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission passed out of the Senate on a 30-0 vote. That bill now moves on to the House

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