If you haven't checked your calendars, today is the Leap Year Day...better known as February 29th.

Today you can actually say Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary to certain people, and for the first time in 4-years, you would have the right date.

"I used to get upset, because I really thought I would only get a birthday every four years, but when I realized that I would get one every year, I was excited."

Jamie Dennis of Casper, Wyoming is twenty-eight years old today...although if you count the number of February 29's, she's the same age as her son will be tomorrow...seven.

Meanwhile Renee Harmon and Robert Geike of Casper, Wyoming are twins celebrating birthday number nine...or thirty-six in real life terms.

Harmon says in her younger days, she took her share of jokes from her friends.

"The funniest joke was when I was married, everybody that would catch on to my birthday being every four years, and realized that I was only six or seven, would give my husband a very hard time about being one that rocks the cradle...how would he ever trade me in for a new model, because I would always be too young."

As for her younger twin sibling...he says the strange part of a February 29th birthday was explaining it to his friends.

"Most people are pretty intrigued about it, wondering how it really worked, or how you really celebrate it. They didn't really tease you much about it, it was just kind of weird, you know. It's every four years, you have a birthday, they really don't understand what it is."

Last but not least, Robin Taylor of Kaycee, Wyoming has reached his sweet 16th, and is finally able to get his driver's license...sixty-four years later.

He says the good part is that everyone remembers when his birthday is...although at his age...

"After you get grown up, you don't think much about it. you just have a birthday every year, and time keeps going along."

For many people born or married on leap year day, when it's not their year, the preferred day of choice is February 28th, rather than March first.

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