State Senator Charles Scott (R-Natrona), Chairman of the Senate Labor, Health and Social Services Committee, announced Monday that he has submitted a bill drafting request for an Obamacare relief bill to be drafted by the Legislative Service Office for consideration during the upcoming Budget Session.

Senator Scott says the general purpose of this bill is to provide temporary relief to Wyoming residents who are being denied affordable health coverage by the implementation of the federal Obamacare legislation. Scott says “The goal of this bill will be to provide relief to Wyoming residents that are being deprived of affordable health insurance because of Obamacare.

The relief is intended to only be temporary, and for some, will only last until the next open enrollment period, which will allow for the purchase of coverage through the exchanges. For others, it may last until a specific administrative problem with the exchanges is fixed, while for some it may be related to the operation of the law itself and relief may not come for several years until Washington can get the law fixed.

A copy of this proposal has been provided to the LSO.  To request a copy, please call the LSO at (307) 777-7881 or email The LSO will email a copy of these materials upon request or will provide a paper copy for a nominal fee in person in Room 213 of the Wyoming Capitol in Cheyenne.