The Cheyenne Police Department is urging drivers to slow down after an officer caught a driver doing 85 mph in a 30-mph zone.

According to a department Facebook post, the incident happened last evening, June 13, near the intersection of Central Avenue and 6th Avenue, not far from Lions Park.

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Canva | Google Maps

"The driver was issued a reckless driving citation due to cyclists being on the road at the same time, pedestrians in the area, and heavy traffic," the post reads.

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The post goes on to read, "The penalty is a $750 ticket, a mandatory court appearance, and an automatic license suspension upon conviction."

According to city ordinance 10.12.020 (see below), reckless driving is one of five traffic offenses for which the Municipal Court may impose a six-month jail sentence.

10.12.020 - Incarceration for certain traffic offenses.
The municipal court may not impose a jail sentence or incarceration for traffic-related offenses, except for the following offenses:
A. Reckless driving (city code Section 10.08.010 and Wyo. Stat. Section 31-5-229);
B. Driving or having control of vehicle while under influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substances (city code Section 10.08.010 and Wyo. Stat. Section 31-5-233);
C. Driving while license cancelled, suspended or revoked (city code Section 10.08.010 and Wyo. Stat. Section 31-7-134);
D. Fleeing or attempting to elude police officers (city code Section 10.08.010 and Wyo. Stat. Section 31-5-225);
E. Duty to stop vehicle where accident involves death or personal injuries (city code Section 10.08.010 and Wyo. Stat. Section 31-5-1101).
The municipal court will advise the defendant that the maximum sentence on the offenses listed in subsections A through E of this section is six months in jail and/or a fine of seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), or both.

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