One of Wyoming's most beloved sons is under Doctor's orders to take a break from singing. Ian Munsick, a Sheridan native, began his rise in country music in 2021 with his debut album, Coyote Cry. Munsick has since performed nationally, wowing country music fans with his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2022 (check out his Opry debut here!)

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But, as of yesterday, March 15, Ian is taking a short break from his Long Live Cowgirls tour. The 'Long Haul' singer is now on vocal rest under his Doctor's orders. In an Instagram post, Munsick expressed his disappointment at needing to reschedule tonight's performance at Atlanta's Buckhead Theatre. "No one is more bummed than I am," he said in the post.

Ian also told his fans that his performance at the Clewiston Sugar Fest in Florida was, unfortunately, canceled in light of the diagnosis.

But, based on his post, Munsick doesn't plan to stop touring for long. Ian announced several additions to his tour in the same post, announcing that The Munsick Boys, Jiggy Buckaroo (a.k.a. Ryan Charles), and 49 Winchester will tag along with the Long Live Cowgirls crew that already included fellow Wyomingite Ned LeDoux and Texas' Ashland Craft.

How Long Does Vocal Rest Last for Singers?

According to St. Olaf's College experts, vocal rest treatments are highly individualized. Their article on the importance of vocal rest indicates that singers could require treatment for only a few days up to several weeks. No matter how long it takes for Ian to recover, fans have shown their support by voicing well wishes on the Instagram post. And Ian, we're sending you all the healing vibes from Wyoming, too!

What Is Vocal Rest?

Vocal rest is precisely what it sounds like...the patient is under the Doctor's orders not to use their voice. In extreme cases, that means complete silence.

Is Vocal Rest Common?

It's more common than you may think. For example, country singer Keith Urban had to take three weeks of vocal rest in 2013, pop star John Mayer took six months of vocal rest in 2012, and rock legend Elton John took vocal rest during his career.

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