The internet is full of people with bad attitudes and even worse opinions. A list was released of the Top 15 Towns To Stay Far Away From and of course on person has decided Wyoming has one of those 15.

As always, we have to take these 'reviews' with a grain of salt and remember that when people have a bad experience, usually have a bad lasting impression.

With just under 590,000 people in the state, most towns in Wyoming are small. We have only four cities with more than a population of 30,000 and only 11 with more than 10,000 people.

Because of booms and busts, the population in these towns will surge or shrink. Sometimes, they dwindle down to just a couple buildings and maybe a gas station, or maybe just down to the remains of buildings. It's tough to drive through some of those towns and see that it was once a booming place.

Wyoming relies on tourism to survive and many of those tourists will drive through the state and see these small towns and judge.

The website Ranker took it upon themselves to have find Redditors (Reddit users) that had bad experiences in small towns during their travels.

#15 on the list of 15 is Jeffrey City, Wyoming, which according to Wind, hasn't had much for population since the late 80's when the uranium mines closed.

Today, there's not much in Jeffery City, but Green Mountain is within 10 miles and it's a good spot to head out an ride horses, mountain biking, camping and watching out for wildlife.

Brancher, the Redditor that stopped in Jeffery City and said it was the 15th most unwelcoming town in the world, said this about the ghost town.

Stopped in at the only establishment in the ghost town. Old timer is sitting at the bar and turns around and before even saying anything to me tosses me something and I catch it. It was a .50 Cal round from an M2 or something. He was like don't drop it it will probably detonate! I was like thanks for the heads up dude. Drank a beer with him though he was nice enough cowboy.

His trip to Jeffery City could've been a blast...literally.

YouTube user Omegageek64 was on a 'driving across America' tour last year and videoed his stop in Jeffery City. Interesting to see how much USED to be there and how much isn't there anymore.

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