The proposed budget put forward by Republican Governor Matt Mead earlier this week is drawing some positive feedback from a Democratic legislative leader

House Minority Floor Leader Rep. Mary Throne (D-Cheyenne) says she "likes the structure" of the proposed budget, adding ''it's important that we don't panic" in the face of a revenue shortfall caused by low energy prices. She also says that while she might question some of the specifics in the proposal, overall she thinks it "takes a good approach"

Representative Throne doesn't give the budget a blanket  endorsement. She says she does have some questions about some of the specific spending proposals in the budget, which the governor outlined on Tuesday, and might have additional comments or questions later.

But all in all Throne says she agrees with the approach of diverting some money from state savings while state officials determine whether the revenue decline faced by the state ends up being a temporary problem or a long term issue.

A recent state report predicted Wyoming state revenues will fall $617 million short of projections over the next three years. State lawmakers will convene a budget session to deal with state spending for the next two years in February in Cheyenne.