The death of a snowboarder and a young skier last month at Hogadon was not the result of any crime.  That's the final report from Natrona County Sheriffs Office investigators who released the results this week.

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Witness reports taken after the fatal accident on Hogadon Christmas Eve day estimate, 23 yr old  snowboarder, Craig Shirley's speed on the slope to  have been between 40 and 6o miles per hours. Shirley's friend at the resort with him that day told officers he had advised Shirley not to take the Dreadnaught run because he thought the slope too icy.  Most witnesses described Shirley's path down the mountain as straight line and fast. The accident killed Craig Shirley and five year old Elise Johnson, both of Casper. Elise's mother Kelly Johnson was reportedly bent down assisting  her daughter when it happened.
Witnesses say Shirley appeared in control, but likely did not see the two as he came over a small hill.  Investigators found no chargeable activity.
According to officials Craig Shirley was considered an experienced snowboarder. Kelli Johnson was also an experienced skier and a member of the area’s ski patrol.
Of the three only Elise had been wearing a helmet.

Next week the City of Casper's Leisure Department will host two public forums to discuss safety at the ski area.
The first will be on Tuesday, January 25th,  at the Casper Rec Center.  The second on Wednesday, January 26th,  at Hogadon.  Both forums will run from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM.