Currently there are children who need a special home. Somewhere safe. Somewhere loving. Somewhere to find rest, relief and rescue. You could be the answer to their dreams. You could be their Therapeutic Foster Parent.

On Monday, September 29th at noon there will be an informational forum on the role you could play in a child’s life and how to qualify. CWCC’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program provides quality, community-based treatment in a family setting. CWCC’s Program creates an experience and understanding of healthy personal and family dynamics for foster children. It enhances their ability to make positive choices and paths for their lives.

Therapeutic Foster Care Parents must be at least 21 years of age with a high school diploma and willing to work as a member of a therapeutic team. Working together with licensed professionals, CWCC’s Foster Parents help their foster child create a successful, healthy and productive life.

For more information call Midge Payette at 307-237-9583.