My wife loves to watch Ink Master which is a show on Spike TV that showcases upcoming tattoo artist talent by running them through a number of tattoo challenges. On last night's show the challengers were doing postcard tattoos depicting various states and adding them to their canvas(volunteer). All was going well until the Wyoming tattoo came up and the discussion started about how great it was. The judges went on about the great composition, the beautiful balance and more. What was missed was the fact that the tattoo featured Devils Tower and a motorcycle rider with the city name Sturgis across the front of it.

Now even a newcomer knows that Devils Tower is certainly in Wyoming, located just a stones throw from the thriving metropolis of Hulett, Wy. But Sturgis lays about 80 miles east of Devils Tower in the state of South Dakota and is home to one of the biggest bike rallies in the world.

I realize that this is an easy mistake to make, but no one caught it. Not judges, not producers, not the artist and not the guy who will wear it for the rest of his life. Just a thought, when you are adding something  permanently to someones body, you might want to fact check.

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