A 3rd person has been arrested and charged in connection with a Casper area crime spree the occurred earlier this week and last week.

Back on Tuesday, September 20th, police arrested and charged 21-year old Donald Hensley and 19-year old Brenton Livermoore with multiple counts of aggravated burglary and regular burglary...but it turns out they did more than what was originally reported.

In an interview with police, Livermoore admitted he and Hensley committed a number of auto burglaries back on September 12th.

On the night they were arrested, Hensley said he took Livermoore and a third person..Easton Bailor to do the burglaries, but denied ever accompanying them on any.

He did admit to receiving stolen property.

Livermoore told police that Hensley gave him the gun used in the aggravated burglary cases.

Bailor admitted to being with the other 2 when the regular burglaries occured, and that a number of stolen items were in his van.

Police arrested and charged Bailor with a number of auto burglary counts, and 1 count of conspiracy.