UPDATE: The package has been located and returned to its rightful owner.


Earlier today a Casper woman posted in the local classifieds on Facebook that she is hoping for a  Christmas miracle.

Marci Monroe is the mother of two boys, ages 4 and 6.

A box of presents for the boys was delivered, presumably, to the wrong person.

Monroe lives off of Cole Creek.

"We had the mail lady check the package receptacles and they were empty so we think someone has it," said the post.

"There are two homemade blankets in there for  my kids that my mom, who is 76 years old, spent hours upon hours making."

"All I'm asking for is the blankets, keep the toys, or the clothes that she sent. But please return the blankets if you have them. No questions asked."

Monroe said her mother has already filed a missing mail request with the USPS.

She said the postal service told her there is proof it was delivered to the correct parcel box.

But there was nothing there when she checked.

Nothing is more disappointing than finding your packages are missing. Especially right before Christmas.

And with the holidays right around the corner, this isn't totally uncommon.

Mail mix-ups are bound to happen with an uptick in volume.

According to the USPS, the busiest time of the season peaks two weeks before Christmas.

While every year the Postal Service carefully plans for peak holiday season, the holiday volume compounded with employee shortages are being felt by shippers across the country.

Let's hope this story gets a happy ending.

If you know where the package is you can find the post on Casper Classifieds to reach out to Monroe there.

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