I know you started itching as soon as you began reading this. Nature is an incredible monster. There is so much to enjoy in the outdoors, but then something as small as a tick can mess your day up. Unfortunately, ticks are a thing in Wyoming and you need to be careful.

The Wyoming Department of Health has said in the past that anytime you spend time outdoors, you can also come in contact with some serious issues.

Some of the diseases passed on by ticks in Wyoming are:

A report from the CDC say's certain ticks, mostly the lone star tick but other kinds haven't been ruled out, can cause an allergic reaction and red meat. It's called Alpha-gal syndrome and is a serious allergic reaction.

AGS can be life-threatening and the symptoms occur after eating red meat or coming in contact with other products with alpha-gal in it.

Fortunately for us in Wyoming, there haven't been any cases reported and normally it's found in the south, east and central part of the United States.

To avoid any of the unpleasantness of ticks, be prepared, be cautious and be vigilant.

The Wyoming Department of Health recommends you take proper steps to avoid these horrible situations by:

  • Wearing light colored clothing make ticks easier to see
  • Wear your pants tucked into your socks or boots
  • Use bug repellents with 20% or more of DEET
  • When leaving possible tick areas, to do tick checks immediately
  • Check your pets regularly and use Vet recommended products.

The CDC recommends that if you find a tick on you, your family members or your pets to remove it immediately:

  • Use tweezers to grab the tick close to the skin
  • Pull straight up without wiggling the tick (this could cause parts to break off and remain in your skin)
  • Clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol and/or soap & water
  • dispose of live ticks by
    • putting it in rubbing alcohol
    • put in a sealed container
    • wrap it up tightly in a sticky tape
    • flush it down the commode

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