One landowner impacted by abuse from trail users at Rotary Park made his case at the "Friends of the Bridle Trail" users meeting Monday.

Howard Christman maintains, while the wrong-doers are in the minority, the abuses - including allegedly having had a gun pulled on him - leave him feeling it may be time to end 27 years of trail access across his land. He says he first contacted the county six years ago asking for better signage and enforcement of park rules.

"The last three years is when I've had serious problems with people, ya know, that one or two percent."

Abuse by the two percent is what's behind his desire to close sections of trail crossing his property. The Natrona County Attorney suggests he may not have the right. Christman, however, believes he does and considers it a question of private property rights.

"Therefore, I'm putting my foot down on the behalf of every landowner and every rancher in this county."

Christman plans to meet with Natrona County Commissioners on September 25th for continued negotiation.