Many people in Wyoming are on the lookout for a good deal on a young horses and burros and one of the best places to find them is from the Bureau of Land Management's wild horse and burro adoption.

The October Wild Horse Internet Adoption started on October 7.  Applications are open October 6-20 and bidding is from October 7-21. Photos of each horse are curently posted at the BLM adoption website. **Applications will close, at 9am Mountain time, Monday, October 20.**

Animals in the Gallery are from the Riverton Honor Farm, WY; Mantle Ranch, WY; Burns, OR; Palomino Valley, NV.

BIDDING will open on October 7 and will close at 10:00 am Pacific time, 11:00am Mountain time, Noon Central time, 1:00 pm Eastern time on  October 21.  Corral sketches and maps MUST be e-mailed, faxed, or mailed to the Internet Adoption staff in order to complete the electronic form.  Applications describing facilities that do not meet all the requirements cannot be approved.  Applications stating "See Previous Application," or those with incomplete information, cannot be approved.  Read more below regarding the electronic application form and the Internet adoption process.  If there is some missing information, or you sent in a paper application, you may receive an e-mail, instead of a phone call.


Bidders can submit the on-line application for the Internet adoption from October 6 - 20, 2014.  Click here to create a new account (user name and password) or to access your existing account if you have one.  If you have already created an application, you can click on My Info to view your previous application.  You can update the information if necessary, and then resubmit it for the current on-line adoption during the application window.

Please read the Requirements Page before you submit an application to determine if your facility meets all BLM requirements.  Include exact information about the length, width, and height of your corral and shelter, and the type of materials used in the construction.  Applications cannot be approved until all construction or modifications are completed.  Corrals must be 5 feet high for burros; yearlings and trained horses; and 6 feet high for untrained horses 2 years and older.


A $125 deposit, per animal, will be required to receive a Bidder ID number.  Deposits can be checks (made out to DOI - BLM) mailed to the address above, or Credit Card numbers given over the telephone.  All Credit Card Deposits will be held until the end of bidding.  If you are not a successful high bidder, the credit card information will be destroyed without being processed.  The check will be deposited, but if you are not a successful high bidder, you will receive a refund on the check.  If you are a successful high bidder, the deposit will be processed after the close of bidding, and $125 will be deducted from your total bid when you pick up the animal.  The deposit is used to ship and hold the animal until it is picked up.  If an adopter does not pick up an animal, the deposit may not be refunded.

Pick Up:

Animals must be picked up by the highest bidders at the holding facility where they are located, or may be shipped east to a designated Holding Facility, or in some cases, to a satellite adoption location.  You do NOT have to accept the animal if the animal does not meet your expectations.  There is no penalty for not taking the animal.  If you decline the animal in person you may request a credit towards a future adoption.

Pick up dates are by appointment at Holding Facilities, and at satellite adoptions before the auction/adoption begins.  If your animal is shipped to a satellite adoption, you must pick it up before the adoption begins, on the posted date.  If your animal is not picked up by close of business, or other arrangements made, the animal will be offered at the auction/adoption the following day.

Adopter Must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have no prior violations of adoption regulations or convictions of inhumane treatment to animals.
  • Keep no more that 4 untitled animals at one facility at any time without written permission.
  • Have received Title to all eligible animals previously adopted.
  • Be financially able to properly house, feed, and provide veterinary and farrier care for the animal(s).

For more information about adopting wild horses and burros you can go to the BLM website -