Beer gardens came about in the 18th century as the result of one of life’s happiest accidents. German beer brewers began planting gardens on their rooftops when they discovered it was an effective way for keeping the temperature cool enough for their brews to ferment. Soon some of those enterprising brewers found it profitable to begin serving beer in those gardens and that concept has been booming ever since.

Beartrap Meadow will be our garden and our associates at Casper Beverage/Budweiser will be our hosts for the very first beer garden at the Beartrap Summer Festival; after all, we celebrate our 21st anniversary this year.

For a number of years Beartrap festivarians have been asking us to please have alcoholic beverages available. Our response has always been that your personal cooler can reflect your individual refreshment choices as long as we abide by the Park’s regulation of no glass containers, but this year, knowing full well that people like beer and people like gardens, we put the two together and people are bound to enjoy themselves.

Beartrap admission gates open at 10AM each day with the entertainment starting at 11. The Budweiser Beartrap Beer Garden will open at noon each day.

“For a quart of Ale is a dish for a king” ---William Shakespeare

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