In light of the recent bear attack in Teton County, this is the time of year when bear activity tends to increase.

Biologists say around this time of year is when bears in the high elevations, begin preparing for their upcoming winter hibernation.

Combined with hunting seasons going on in various locations, as well as other popular fall outdoor activities, that could lead to an increased number of unwanted confrontations between man and beast.

Brian DeBolt is a Large Carnivore Conflict Coordinator with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

He says during this time, bears can change their patterns on when they're active.

"Instead of being so active at night, they're more active during the day for longer periods, it's called hyperphagia. They're just feeding constantly trying to put on as much winter fat, so they can get through that denning period."

While prepping for hibernation, bears can eat anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 calories of food per day, and drink several gallons of water per day as well.