The Wyoming Department of Transportation wants drivers to be vigilant in watching out for motorcyclists. With the Sturgis Motorcycle rally starting in South Dakota, and the summer season in general, there are more riders on Wyoming's roadways.

Jeff Goetz, public relations specialist for WYDOT District 2, says it's up to drivers to see motorcyclists, even though they have a smaller profile.

Drivers need to watch out for riders:

"We try to urge people to always be defensive drivers, to always look around, to be aware of your surroundings, and this time of year, especially as it being summer and Wyoming is a very big tourist destination, to just take that little extra time and be extra aware that there are different types of vehicles out there. A motorcycle can get hidden behind an RV very easily. If you're pulling a trailer, it's going to be hard to see a motorcycle back there."

Another thing to keep in mind for sharing the road with motorcycles.

Riding on two wheels:

"If it's raining or something like that, give them a little extra room; it takes a little while longer for a motorcycle to stop because there's not a whole lot of tread. You don't have four wheels; you have two wheels on the road. There again, it's just being a little more cautious this time of year because we have a lot of travelers, and a lot of motorcycles, on the road."

Then there's the cautionary word to the motorcycle riders.

Hard lesson about helmets:

"If you don't wear a helmet, you've never laid one down on the interstate. Your head bounces off the pavement a couple times, you're probably putting a helmet on, if you're able to the next time, so we'd encourage everybody to wear a helmet. It's just that one extra layer of protection that you can have."