With the new 80-mile-per-hour speed limit in place in parts of the state, the Wyoming Highway Patrol today sent out a warning...

"With over two weeks of the new 80 mile per hour speed limit on 488 miles of Wyoming interstate highways in the books, the Wyoming Highway Patrol emphasizes that 80 mph means 80 mph. Troopers across the state that work in these 80 mph zones are reporting that motorists are pushing their speeds past the posted limit and are increasing the risk of being stopped. Wyoming Highway Patrol Colonel John Butler emphasizes that "The safety and welfare of the motoring public is a priority to the Wyoming Highway Patrol and that the 80 mph speed limit will be strictly enforced."

Increasing your speed reduces the amount of time you have to react to avoid becoming involved in a crash or avoid a hazard on the road. The speed limit is set to keep motorists operating at a safe speed on the highways. When drivers go over that limit, they risk injuring themselves and others.

Obey the limit and avoid becoming a statistic."