A judge in Laramie has ordered the University Board of Trustees to identify the finalists for university president after they get those names from a search committee. A proposed bill in the Wyoming House may change that decision. UW trustees say a closed search encourages more applicants, but the media outlets say it violates Wyoming's open records law. Albany County District Judge Jeffrey Donnell sided with the media on Wednesday. In response to the decision House Majority Floor Leader, Laramie Representative Kermit Brown (HD-14) is proposing a bill that would authorize denial of the inspection of records of applications for president of institutions of higher education.

 the bill was brought before the decision....

Brown says the bill will be heard Monday at 8 a.m. in the House Minerals Committee.

A bill that changes who runs the Wyoming Department of Education has survived a second round of floor debate in the house. Representative Keith Gingery (HD-23) proposed an amendment to put aside $20,000 in the Superintendent of Public Instruction's office to help defray the cost of a legal challenge to the bill. Gingery says it's a matter of fairness.

well the way they've done it, she'll have to use her own money to fix it....

Representative Brown says they are confident that the bill is constitutional.

and so we do what we think is constitutional, we don't fund challenges....

The amendment failed 46-13.The bill faces one more round of debate on Friday. The measure has already passed the state senate.

The senate passed a contractors preference bill. Senator Stan Cooper (SD-14) says the bill clears up some lingering issues.

 we just wanted to back and have the task force look at all the issues...

That bill now heads to the House.

Natrona county Senator Bill Landen (SD-27) says the Senate has been moving pretty quickly, but the supplemental budget bill will be one of the biggest issues they face.

 everybody across the state, I hope realizes we have already established a budget...

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