The National Center for Atmospheric Research-Wyoming, Supercomputing Center in Cheyenne is moving forward on its timeline that should have the facility formally opening in 2012.

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The NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center multi-agency partnership includes the University of Wyoming.  U-W President, Tom Buchanan, says the computers are purchased and installation is in progress, " and they will spend the better part of the spring testing and bringing those up to speed and making sure everything is working right. And I think toward late spring will see the initial use of that machine beginning."

He says university faculty have been gearing up in order to best take advantage of what will be one of the most powerful computing facilities in the world.

"It is a magnet and I think will serve for many years as a magnet for folks interested in advanced scientific research. We expect it to be a huge draw, not just for students, but for faculty and help us in our recruiting and clearly also so that we can stay relevant and connected to the state and some of the things that we can help the state with in terms of new science."

The computing system dubbed, Yellowstone, is expected to deliver 1.6 petaflops performance, or nearly 30 times the capacity of the system currently in use at NCAR’s Mesa Laboratory in Boulder.

One petaflop is one quadrillion floating point operations per second. That's more than 221,000 calculations per second for every person on the planet.