It seems that when fall came in the door the drought as a news story went out the window, but actually, "62.30 percent of the contiguous area of the United States remains in drought."

U.S.Agriculture Department Meteorologist, Brad Rippey says that's down only about 3 percent from the peak number just a few weeks ago. He says we've got 64 percent of the nation's hay production area still in drought and 71 percent of cattle country.

However help may be on the way with a weather pattern setting up now that could bring rains on a regular basis from the west across and through the upper midwest.

"As we go through the rest of October I do expect to see some more lowering of those drought numbers as we will see some much need precipitation in the driest areas of the country."

But Rippey also says the drought has been long and severe and there is likely a long way to go to get the soil moisture replenished.