2012 Drought

USDA Offers Steps Toward Drought Resistance
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture drought still covers 62 percent of the nation. Recent storms are taking the edge off, but there's still a ways to go to catch up on lost precipitation.
In Washington, Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, announced recently several new actions to hel…
Wet Weather May Not Turn Drought In Worst Areas
It seems that when fall came in the door the drought as a news story went out the window, but actually, "62.30 percent of the contiguous area of the United States remains in drought."
U.S.Agriculture Department Meteorologist, Brad Rippey says that's down only about 3 percent fr…
2012 Spring, Summer the Driest in Wyoming History
Much like it was across most of the United States, it was a historically dry spring and summer in Wyoming.
The National Weather Service's office in Riverton confirmed Thursday the recent spring and summer months in Wyoming were the driest in the state’s recorded history...