The United States Postal Services is facing major budget cuts which in turn have lead to talks of closing several rural post offices across Wyoming. Multiple post offices are waiting  to find out if they will be next on the chopping block but at least for now two will remain open.

Two counties in Wyoming will be keeping their post offices but six other post offices are still being looked at for possible closure. Distance was the deciding factor for the towns of Bairoil and Jay Em when it came down to closing the offices. Bairoil is 36 miles from the nearest postal rental service and Jay Em is 24 miles away.

The six post offices that are still facing possible closures are Meriden in Laramie County, Little America in Sweetwater County, Byron in Big Horn County, Freedom and Smoot in Lincoln County, and Cora in Sublette County.

The U.S Postal Service will also be naming two other post offices in Wyoming that will be considered for closing. In Colorado 11 post offices are being look at for possible closure, for more on that you can go to the Denver Post.