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Casper Food Critic- Poor Boys Is Worth The Money

A note from the editor: The following is an original review from the "Casper Food Critic." The purpose of this review is to offer a single consumer's opinion about an establishment's food and service. At K2 Radio, we believe anonymity to be of paramount importance - this is to ensure that …
Casper Food Critic- Plows Diner Proves Little
Don’t judge a book by its cover. Those immortal words spoken by every mother in the world reverberated through my brain as I drove toward my next assignment. On an almost forgotten patch of land, on the edge of mainstream Casper, sits a small place called Plows Diner.
Casper Food Critic- HQ BBQ Stands For ‘High Quality’
As the clock struck 12’, I shot up from my chair. I normally have an open lunch break where I can mosey across town and select my eatery with care. Today however, I had exactly one hour. With gas pedal to the floor like a rocket at full throttle, I raced across town as if I were trying to escape Ear…

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