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Casper Food Critic- Poor Boys Is Worth The Money

A note from the editor: The following is an original review from the "Casper Food Critic." The purpose of this review is to offer a single consumer's opinion about an establishment's food and service. At K2 Radio, we believe anonymity to be of paramount importance - this is to ensure that …
Casper Food Critic- Plows Diner Proves Little
Don’t judge a book by its cover. Those immortal words spoken by every mother in the world reverberated through my brain as I drove toward my next assignment. On an almost forgotten patch of land, on the edge of mainstream Casper, sits a small place called Plows Diner.
Casper Food Critic- HQ BBQ Stands For ‘High Quality’
As the clock struck 12’, I shot up from my chair. I normally have an open lunch break where I can mosey across town and select my eatery with care. Today however, I had exactly one hour. With gas pedal to the floor like a rocket at full throttle, I raced across town as if I were trying to escape Ear…
Casper Food Critic- Too Soon For Monsoon
Once again, my readers and eaters voted and sent me on another wild ride worthy of Mr. Toad himself. Today in my finest motorcar and driving goggles, the entourage and I were off to Monsoon Indian restaurant in downtown Casper.

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