Grizzly Bear Attack

Wyoming Horse And Montana Wrangler Face Down Grizzly
A big-hearted horse from Wyoming, named Tonk, is a main character in the story of bravery in the face of a charging grizzly that took place this past July.
Female lead wrangler, Erin Bolster, at Swan Mountain Outfitters in Montana was a-top Tonk, a large spirited grey, and on a routine trail ride ne…
Teens In Alaskan Bear Attack Did Everything Right [AUDIO]
A group of seven teenagers participating in a National Outdoor Leadership Training in Alaska were attacked Saturday night by a sow grizzly with cubs.  NOLS spokesman, Bruce Palmer,  says they did everything right under the circumstances, but the attack came quick.
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Park Officials Share Details On Fatal Grizzly Attack
It was Brian and Marilyn Matayoshi's  fourth trip to Yellowstone National Park this week. Following a sudden encounter with a mother grizzly bear  Brian Matayoshi was killed. The incident occurred not far from Yellowstone Falls and left much of the immediate area temporarily closed to tourists. Par…