Final decision on a swing space for Natrona County High School Students was made Friday afternoon.

The school district is opting to build a 103,000 square foot Student Fitness and Activity Center to the northwest of NCHS that should provide the space needed for students to, both stay on campus, and out of portables for the anticipated four year construction period.

Superintendent Joel Dvorak's says the option provides the least impact to students and preliminary studies found the option to be, in the long run, the most cost effective. Cost estimates on the "FieldHouse", as some call it, are at about $14.6 million dollars. The building will be a permanent part of the new campus and during construction, will serve as a cafeteria, offer up to 25 classrooms, plus provide

The Wyoming School Facilities Department will pay $11.2 million of the that cost. The option also shifts about 42,000 square feet from the footprint of the main building, which, according to Dvorak, saves on renovation costs and brings the project under budget.

Next step for the district is to bring the master plan to the city of Casper for approval, with groundbreaking anticipated by next summer.