Natrona County School District officials hope to keep Natrona County High School students as close to campus as possible during reconstruction and expansion there. Two of seven swing space options discussed this week include permanent on campus structures that could do just that.

According to  School Board Trustee and   chair of the district's School Facilities Committee, Steve Degenfelder, the district would put up the extra money needed to make it happen. The options range in cost from an estimated $7.5 million to upwards of $20 million. Option seven would build a permanent structure housing P.E. facilities, cafeteria and about 25 classrooms.

"The School Board of Trustees does not take it lightly that we will have to spend additional funds, but we don't look at option number seven as more expensive, we look at it as the best thing to do."

Degenfelder suggests the district's preference may be in conflict with the Wyoming School Facilities Department's mission of using the most cost-effective option if that also means selecting for the lowest cost.

The district next meets with the Wyoming School Facilities Department on September 10th when Degenfelder says they may reach resolution.