Water over the spillway at Pathfinder reservoir is on track to begin this Sunday.

Bureau of Reclamation Supervisor John Lawson says their best estimate is that  water will just start to run over by Sunday afternoon.

"It'll start as a very low spill starting Sunday evening and then it'll be increasing next week until we get it to a point where we want to stabilize it by changing the releases and the flows upstream."

At that point he says flows out of Grey Reef into the North Platte River will be increased effecting the water levels through Casper. Flows will eventually rise to about 6500 cfs and could bring the river level up another foot. Lawson says the weather, while its slowed down the snow melt, has added lots of water to the system in both rain and snow in the high country.

"So it means just one more issue we're gonna have to start looking at as far as do we have space and how much did it add to it. We're gonna be looking at that very closely and see if this storm here had a big effect on us or not."

Lawson says there may be another pattern of wet weather again next week further complicating runoff predictions.

Sand bag stations will again be open this Saturday 9-5. West of the Natrona County Fair grounds in the dirt parking lot off of Wyoming Boulevard and on the east side off of Cole Creek road north of hwy 20-26. That's the the old Glenrock highway.