In the Sunday, February 19 edition of the Casper Star Tribune, Senator Kit Jennings was put "under a microscope" by political writer Jeremy Pelzer. This morning Senator Kit Jennings responded on his Facebook page.

The article on the front page of the Sunday, February 19, 2012, edition of the Casper Star-Tribune in which a nameless “Wyoming lobbyist” accuses me of being “on the take” is, in my opinion, libelous and violates commonly accepted standards of journalism.

One of the threads of the article  that the Senator took exception to was this.

“I think everybody who’s noticed that [bill] raises eyebrows,” said one lobbyist. “You want to avoid any appearance to folks that somebody’s on the take, whether that’s going on here or not. You shouldn’t have to ask the question.”

The Senator goes on to explain the remainder of his position including what he thought was significant information that was left out of the interview.

Significantly, my explanation to the reporter on why I proposed this legislation was conveniently and intentionally left out of this article.

Read the rest of Senator Kit Jennings explanation on his Facebook page.

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