The Natrona County Agricultural Extension and Learning Center is taking orders for seedling trees for the coming year.

Land owners looking for a wind break option for their properties of 2 acres or more can swing by the office on Fairgrounds Road and pick up an order form.

"We have 40 species of trees available this year. The selection has been increased this year, because they're trying a few new things. One of the things that I'm kind of excited to see is they added apricot to the wind break trees."

Horticulturalist, Donna Cuin says apricot can provide both fruit and a wind break and come in bundles of 25. The Seedling Tree Program is not meant as an urban landscaping option, but rather is designed for property owners looking to create habitat or to provide stock protection and wind break in rural areas.

Prices vary, but bare root shrubs and trees in bundles of 25 cost about $30. Larger potted species, in lots of 30, run about $60. Cuin says the biggest potted trees are priced at about $12 a piece and, she says, they will likely sell out quickly.

All orders are prepaid for pick up in the Spring.

The Natrona County-University Agriculture Extension office is located at 2011 Fairgrounds Road in Casper.