Twenty-eight year-old Kevin Lewis, of Cheyenne, one of the men arrested for the January 10th armed robbery of the Advance America cash advance store on East Lincolnway in Cheyenne, pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon Monday.

According to a plea agreement, Lewis will receive no more than five to 7 years in prison. But Lewis told the judge he personally hopes to avoid prison time and 'threw himself on the mercy of the court.' Judge Peter Arnold accepted the guilty plea and ordered a pre-sentence investigation. Sentencing will be held the second monday after the presentencing report is completed.

Nineteen year old Cheyenne resident Issac James pleaded gulty on June 7th for conspiracy to commit the robbery. His plea agreement is recommending five to 7 year sentence and also that james complete a ‘boot camp” program, in which case his sentence might be reduced. He faces an August 9th sentencing date. The trial for Terrence James, the third man arrested in connection with the robbery, is scheduled to start next month.