When the folks at Honda dropped off a shiny, yellow Fit at the office, it was snowing. I found myself wondering, how will this little front-wheel-drive economy sedan fare in that daily Iditarod that is my winter commute.

The answer, thank goodness, is, very well indeed. The latest version of the little Honda running shoe on wheels is no longer so little. Oh yes, it is compact on the outside, but inside feels like a full-sized sedan, with better outward vision.

Styling is not sexy or sleek, but that’s not the Fit’s job. It is a stylish, efficient way to haul four people around with economy and comfort…a surprising amount of comfort.

A beautifully laid out dash faces you in the firm front bucket seat. A 3-dial instrument binnacle has all the info you need, and a center stack with the sound system and touch screen with navigation, if you order it. All are laid out in a style that would look at home in the new Star Wars movie, but still manages to look elegant.

On the road, the new Fit is a snubbed down little scooter, and while not sports car sharp, is surprisingly fun to toss around a city street or country road. All the while giving you never less than 30 miles per gallon in either venue.

That’s thanks to the 130 horsepower, twin-cam, 1.5-liter four cylinder churning away as you row your way through the 6-speed manual gearbox. The tranny is firm and precise and gearing wide enough to give you the exact cog you want no matter what your need.

With an MSRP of $17,500, the Fit is a truly affordable, small family car that comes with a dose of style and a full measure of Honda solidity.

And it practically sneared at my winter commute.