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On the Road: Toyota Tacoma [VIDEO]
Having a truck that looks like you could haul Commander Peary’s arctic supplies when all you really haul is potting soil is as patriotic a statement as an Eddie Bauer down vest in the middle of New York City.
On the Road: Jeep Renegade Trailhawk
Subscribe to K2 Radio on Youtube When a car company acquires a new parent, you expect to eventually see a blending of the two company’s DNA. When Chrysler left the cold, Teutonic embrace of Mercedes Benz, and joined the fun loving Italians at Fiat, it was only a matter of time. First came the…
On the Road: Mazda 3 [VIDEO]
Subscribe to K2 Radio on Youtube This is the marvelous Mazda 3. I know, it’s not much of a name. But when a car is as sweet as this one is, you only need a number…like 3. I used to contend that Mazda had the most European lineup of the Japanese carmakers. And with the […]

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