A man and woman arrested over the weekend on charges of aggravated assault and felonious restraint probably will face other charges today, Assistant District Attorney Mike Schafer said Monday.

William Coronado III and Brigette Gonzalez made their initial appearances in Natrona County Circuit Court on Monday before Judge Brian Christensen.

However, Schafer said Coronado also may have a first-degree sexual assault count filed against him and the state wanted another day before formally filing charges.

Coronado, 35, said he was released from prison 16 days ago and has been living at a motel. He is from Texas and has three children there, he added.

Cristensen said Coronado has a preliminary bond of $15,000 and an arrest-and-hold order outstanding for a parole violation. He also will have a parole hearing separate from this case, the judge said.

Gonzalez, too, will have formal charges filed against her today, Schafer said.

Like Coronado, she has no family ties in Wyoming. Gonzalez, 22, has been living in a house on M Street, she said.