Law enforcement agencies in Natrona County will be increasing their efforts Friday as the College National Finals Rodeo continues.

The Natrona County Sheriff’s Department, the Wyoming Highway Patrol and the Evansville, Mills and Casper Police Departments will be teaming up to patrol high traffic areas. This effort is in conjunction with the Combined Accident Reduction and Traffic Enforcement (CARTE) program.

Sgt. Deahn Amend says that there will be additional officers on patrol in high traffic areas such as the fairgrounds, the Beacon and the Evansville area.

"This is a big gathering of folks," Amend said. "There is high traffic volume and we just are trying to help make sure that everybody gets home safe."

Amend says that they will be looking for people driving under the influence, speeding, not wearing their seat belts or disobeying other traffic violations.