Future journalists are in Casper to learn the tricks of the trade.

More than 100 high school students from across Wyoming are in Casper to attend the Wyoming High School Student Press Association State Journalism Convention.

Among the topics they will learn include photography, writing, interviewing techniques and ways to use social media.

Vin Cappiello is the journalism advisor at Cody High School.

He says times have changed in the media world, and journalists have to tell a story in more than one way these days.

"It's not enough like it used to be to just write a story with a photo and run it in your newspaper. You have to learn how to include a video clip on your website, to have an online newspaper. So the kids are going to learn the four different levels now that go into presenting a story, in all the different media available."

Sydney Harms of Torrington is considering a future in media.

She says she likes keeping up with events going on in her hometown and abroad.

"It's pretty cool in the morning when i get to open up the newspaper, look at how the sports are doing, how everything in Torrington is going and then go on line and get to see how all the other sports are doing in other towns and what else is happening in those towns."

The convention concludes on Tuesday, October 9th.