Wyoming High School students that are considering a career in journalism, were in Casper to learn the tricks of the trade.

More than 100 students from across Wyoming were in Casper to attend the Wyoming High School Student Press Association State Journalism Convention.

Among the topics they learned included photography, writing, interviewing techniques and ways to use social media.

Chandra Taylor is a freshman from Thermopolis and is thinking about reporting on paranormal activities.

"You don't see that very much in a small town, but crimes and stuff like that, you see that a lot. You want to hear things that you haven't heard. I think it would be cool to have something different to hear about, instead of having all this same stuff coming on you all the time."

Dan Morris is the newspaper and yearbook adviser at Cheyenne East High School.

He says some people have misconceptions about the journalism industry in the Cowboy State.

"I think Wyoming often times suffers from a small town feeling that we don't make a difference or our voice can't be heard, yet these journalists can go out there and they can work in any market or any place and simply running a small town newspaper, Wyoming can make a huge difference in people's lives, as long as they approach it professionally and they take the ideas that they've learned here today."

Aside from the lectures and presentations, there were contests based on best school yearbook and best student newspaper.