Former State Representative Mike Gilmore says he's disappointed in the priorities taken by the State Lands and Investment Board. He considers those priorities as the reason behind  a decision by a local ranching family to sell to a Texas Oilman. That potential sale will likely limit public access to the Boston-Davis Ranch southeast of Casper.

"I think the Bostons just got worn out and tired of waiting. I give them a lot of Kudos for waiting a year and half to go as far as they did with it and spend so much of their own money on appraisals etc. I think they gave up and offered to sell it to whoever would buy it."

The Bostons had offered their ranch to the state to purchase, but the SLIB board turned down the offer, because the property would not generate enough income. The potential sale to the Lone Star Cattle Company, Gilmore says, means loss of access to that 4500 acre piece, plus it may further limit access to state lands bordering the property.

Gilmore admits there are some in Wyoming who don't want to see the state own any land, but he says he'd like to see attitudes change and a higher priority be placed on land for the pleasure it provides to the public through hunting, fishing and other recreational uses.

"The law needs to be changed to where a higher priority is given to the public and less to just making money off of state lands."