13  rooms at Life Steps Campus in Casper stand empty.  They could be used for transitional housing, but right now, according to  Brenda Eickoff-Johnson with Community Action Partnership there's no money to pay for operations.

Eickoff-Johnson  is making a pitch to the city of Casper for One Cent dollars and that's one project she'd like to see funded.

In a recent presentation to City Council she shared results of a survey of local human services that identified a gap when it comes to that of kind housing.

"We know that we've got waiting lists. At the time that I put in the application the waiting list was 44 families between Seton house and Community Action.  That does not take into account the waiting list for Housing Authority and then Self Help Center for families doesn't even have a waiting list at this point because they have no room for anybody."

She says the building had been used by the Self Help Center as housing, but since they've moved its been vacant.

CAP is requesting  about $800 thousand dollars in One Cent # 14 funds.

Community Action Partnership acts as an umbrella organization that disperses  dollars to its partner organizations who in turn address a multitude of human services needs including medical, housing,transportation, and nutrition.

The  City allocated $6 million in one cent funds for community projects. CAP's proposal  is just one of 37 applications totalling nearly $14.5 million  dollars  that  City Council will be selecting  from.  The penny tax is paid out incrementally over a four year period.