Brenda Eickhoff-Johnson

Take Action Against Poverty [PHOTOS]
Partner agencies serving low income populations in Natrona County threw a barbecue this weekend.
The 'Take Action Against Poverty' event in Washington Park, hosted by the Community Action Partnership, was an invitation to relax and picnic, but also to listen to facts tallied during a recent…
C.A.P. of Natrona County Hosts Poverty Action Event
Take Action Against Poverty this Saturday and join the Community Action Partnership of Natrona County at Washington Park. It's a day of BBQ and live music and a chance to hear the results of a community needs assessment that gauged how families are doing amidst the dragging economy.
"We have fo…
Quick Action Gets NC Homeless Sheltered
An emergency allocation of funds - 50 thousand dollars- for use in getting Natrona County's homeless into shelters this winter is having a notable impact just three days after Casper City Council ok’d the expenditure.