With as many as 17 people across the country who have died from tainted cantaloupe, the Natrona County School District wants to reassure people around Casper that there are no tainted cantaloupe being served in the schools. Melons from California:

"I would like people to know the cantaloupe that we're serving is not the Rocky Ford cantaloupe that has been linked to the listeria outbreak around the country. The cantaloupe that we're serving is grown in fields in California and they have not been linked to any of the outbreaks."

Mike Pyska, food service manager for the district, says with all produce and foods, they observe safe handling protocols.

Employees certified:

"All of our staff, within the first year of employment, is required to go through a serve safe class, which is sponsored by the National Restaurant Association that teaches people safe food handling skills."

And a safe handling tip for everyone, be sure to wash cantaloupe thoroughly before cutting it.

Cross contamination:

"If you don't wash the rind on a melon and you slice it with a knife, the knife blade will pick up whatever bacteria's on the rind of the melon and contact the flesh of the melon."