NCSD School Board Member Convicted Of Wildlife Harassment [VIDEO]
In late 2014, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department received over 30 tips from concerned citizens regarding a video on the internet they felt was wildlife harassment.  The video showed an ultralight/sport aircraft repeatedly flying low over a large herd of elk in Deer Creek Park in the Laramie R…
NCSD Transportation Works On Safety Upgrades
Transportation is installing and replacing cameras on buses over the spring break holiday. The work of upgrading and installing new cameras began on Friday, March 27 and will continue through this week.
Each functioning bus in the fleet will have a new camera system when school begins after the brea…
NCSD Inclement Weather Protocol
Because of the wintry weather forecast and heavy snowfall, NCSD is sharing this reminder regarding their Inclement Weather Protocol.
The decision to close schools or enact a later start time is decided upon if the community itself is unable to operate safely...

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