Final approval of Natrona County regulations for vehicle collection will come later in the summer.

The current document was reviewed this week in a joint work session between County Commissioners and County Planning and Zoning.

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Planning and Zoning Associate Director, Gene Wallace, says he believes they've done a good job of finding the middle ground on what is a complex and contentious issue. The process of defining regulations around vehicle collection, how many, how much space is required, safety, screening and eventual enforcement will all be part of final regulations that have been in process for months.

Wallace says over the last 30 days any changes have been minor.

"We added an additional zoning district where this collector car storage can occur and we somewhat modified the definition and rules regarding screening."

He says they also expanded the definition of what an inoperable vehicle is and they further defined the term view. Screening requirements should help in removing collected vehicles from a neighbors view.

Wallace says Natrona County Planning and Zoning will formally recommend the document to the County Commissioners on July 13th.

The Commission will in turn make a final decision on approval August 2nd.