The working through of Natrona County's Collector Car Storage regulations will go briefly back to the drawing table for some tweaking of language and clarification.

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Members of a Collector-Car working group that proposed ideas to be used in a newly worked section of county zoning regulations don't like parts of the resulting document drawn up by Natrona County Commissioners.

Planning and Zoning board member Gino Cerullo, went over a number of points with the commission on Tuesday. Examples of needed clarification include the cost of conditional use permits for car collectors and the development of a formula for deciding how many vehicles will be allowed.

"That's one of thing that we're trying to do is determine  what is a feasible amount of space, per given lot, per vehicle, or for X number of vehicles."

Meantime the degree of specificity for screening of stored vehicles was seen as too definitive and impractical, while a call for periodic inspection was too vague.

"Periodic inspections is how the regulation is written. Does that mean an inspector can come in anytime, just because. So maybe it has to be written as an annual inspection. If that's the case, fine, but there probably ought to be something else in there as well; An annual inspection unless there's been a violation reported."

Planning and Zoning will hold another work session defining the language. A joint  session between Planning and Zoning and the County Commission will finalize the document. That joint session will be May 24th 2pm in the large courtroom of the old Natrona County Courthouse. The public is welcome.